A Technology and Developer Community
for North Wales

What is NorthWalesTech?

We're a bunch of like-minded people working in the IT and software development industries in North Wales.
We'd like to see more stuff happening, so we've made this community to develop the following areas:

Learn Stuff

We aim to pick up the baton for organising talks, presentations and meetups.
Send us your ideas

Jobs & Careers

Finding techy talent and job opportunities in North Wales is hard. Promote Jobs for job seekers; Talent for local companies.


Students and graduates need experience. Help for students and graduates to get involved in the industry.

Promote the Area

North Wales is pretty sweet yeah? Promote the area as a place to start a tech business or come to work.

Promote Business

It's not all sheep. Promote the many tech businesses in North Wales to attact business and talent

Social Scene

Find people to collaborate with. Discover exciting and interesting technology in the area and share ideas.

Get Involved

Come to our relaxed and informal meetups to learn and hang out with fellow techies.

but we'll always need the following...
  • Suggest ideas for meetups  
  • Request topics for talks and speakers  
  • Sponsor an event  
  • List a job vacancy  
  • Host an event  
  • Give a presentation  
  • List a student project  

Current Goings on...

What's Happening?

Talks, Presentations, Meetups

What's Happened?

Talks, Presentations, Meetups

Suggest an event!

We'd like to attract speakers and industry experts to the area to give talks and presentations.

For this to happen we need the following:

  • Ideas of what themes and topics are of interest.
  • Venues for hosting talks and meetups
  • Sponsors, so we can cover the expenses of speakers